'Exceeded my expectations - thought it was going to be a 'Put up' Spooky ghost walk. Loved the chapel and the equipment used. All very knowledgeable and friendly.
Bradgate Park - Ghost Walk'

~Miss J Burdett~

'VERY INTERESTING AND INFORMATIVE. The weather did not dampen our "spirits" Really glad to have been part of this experience.

Bosworth Battlefield Ghost Walk'

~Chris Parry~

'History was great combined with medium. Didn't see anything but felt unsettled by the station area.
Very friendly experience.. Thank You.

Bosworth Battlefield Ghost Walk'

~Zoey Cardwell~

'FANTASTIC.. First time experience. Loved the table-tipping
Ancient High House'

~Laura Dodd~

'Very enjoyable evening. Great hosts, good food, good company. More ghosts!'

~Mr P Jones (Rotary Club)~

'First Time. Brilliant. Loved every minute, not long enough. Would come again.

Staff brilliant and friendly, thank you for a fab night.
Pickfords House - Derby'

~Lisa Stangley~

'Brilliant team, very friendly & enthusiastic. Enjoyed investigating with you.
Derby Silk Mills'

~Julie Hutchison~

'Most Excellent Ghost Walk. Would love to do an all night in the Ruins.
Bradgate Park ghost Walk'

~Mr D Ashby~

'I really enjoyed the table tipping and glass deviation, liked the fact that we got involved. The venue was amazing and what a 'team' very supportive and approachable.
1620 House - Donington Le Heath'

~Hannah Smith~

Love the ghost walk around Bosworth. the staff were all lovely and made you feel very welcome. Couldn't improve on anything.

Bosworth Battlefield Ghost Walk'

~Claire Elliott~

'A great evening. Loved the historical information and the Haunted Heritage team. Great activity. Would love to come again!'

~Michelle Raine~

'Experiencing the real thing.
Participating in experiments, working within groups & being there. Thoroughly enjoyed it. will attend more events.

Derby Silk Mills'

~Jo Hipkin~

'Great place for experiencing the paranormal as it is such a historical building, with much activity throughout the house. a definite advantage was being able to go to all areas to get a real feel for the building. I found the glass deviation and take tipping to be highlights of my evening, having never done either before. For me that was proof that there are definitely spirits among us. Brilliant night.
Pickfords House, Derby'

~S Hibbert~

'Great Venue, brilliant hospitality and everyone so friendly.
Grendon Hall'

~L Bagley~

'Absolutely Fantastic!
My first experience & one to remember. Highlight was hearing a loud bang when asking spirit to share their happiness.

Derby Silk Mills'

~Emmelia Belshaw~

'LOVED IT... Good historical Information, friendly staff. My First Ghost Walk and I really enjoyed it. Thank You.
Bosworth Ghost Walk.'

~S Dilkes~

'FANTASTIC.. First Walk I have done, found it every interesting. Looking forward to the next one.

Bosworth Ghost Walk'

~Mrs L Hoult~

'First ever serious walk of this type, thoroughly enjoyed it. My friend next to me had an experience. I would defiantly recommend. Well run and guides very informative
Bradgate Ghost Walk'

~Mrs C Morley,~

'Really enjoyed it and seeing the battlefield at night. The team were brilliant and friendly. All the stories told and facts given were very interesting. Thank you very much
Bosworth Ghost Walk'

~Daivd Wright~

'Good afternoon all

Firstly, can I begin by saying a big thank you. Myself and my partner, Darren, joined you on Saturday night at Beaumanor Hall.
What a great place!

The evening was made so much more enjoyable by your team. We both felt that you got the balance just right - starting your groups off and then stepping back to let them call out/interact etc. We had some great "hits" throughout the evening, with the table tipping and K2 etc.

I think the highlight of my night came at the end when we separated off from the main group. We headed back up to one of the rooms, and had some fabulous interaction with a military man, who was on guard duty, through the K2, but the icing on my cake was when I let out a wolf whistle and asked him to copy it. It came back within seconds as clear as could be. How I wish we had bought the EVP recorder with us. We shall make sure we have it next time, as we will definitely be back to Beaumanor!
Thank you once again for a fantastic evening.

Beaumanor Hall'

~P Bowell~

Michele needs singing out loud for her amazing ability to remember dates and remember incredible anecdotes on the history of Bradgate Park

Bradgate Park - Ghost Walk'

~David Clip~

'Being part of what is going on instead of watching on TV.. was a first for me.
Some things that could not be explained happening. Very interesting & Well organised and presented by the team. Well done.

Derby Silk Mills'

~James Briggs~

'Loved it... first paranormal experience being 'touched' down near the station.
Can you come to Essex?
Bosworth Ghost Walk'

~Mrs J Larner~

'Friendly staff, well set out, very informative.
Leicester Gulidhall'

~Mr C Barns~

What a venue...
Brilliant interaction, table tipping - Brilliant. Spirt board was good as well.
Overall - What a night!
Pickfords House - Derby'

~Joanne Sharpe~

'This was my first ghost hunt - and it didn't disappoint, really enjoyed it. Would definitely recommend and will do it again. Already planning my next ghost hunt. The staff are brilliant and very friendly.
Strelley Hall'

~D Jenkinson~

'Exceeded my expectations. Loved the talk at the start and learning the history of the park and ruins. More time in the chapel.
Bradgate Park ghost Walk'

~Mr J Newman~

'It was all very interesting.
The time in the chapel was interesting, it was good to be 'hands on' and using the equipment provided by yourselves.

Bradgate Park - Ghost Walk'

~James Beck~

'This was a first time for me and would definitely do it again. Great team.
Grendon Hall'

~L Ellingworth~

'I really enjoyed the history. My favourite part was the vigil inside the chapel. Would love to do more paranormal investigation in there. Thoroughly enjoyed the evening.
Bradgate Ghost WAlk'

~Mr B Dilkes~

Brill table tipping session & board activity. Cant wait the next one.
Strelley Hall'

~Joanne Sharpe~

''Absolutely Brilliant' - Drakelow tunnels is a very interesting place to investigate, experienced whistling, dark shadows, smells of cigars and activity on the K2 meters not to mention feeling of emotions that I cant explain.
When is your next visit? count me in..
Drakelow Tunnels'

~Mr G Sargeant~

'A fascinating tour that was hugely informative. The chapel experience was surreal and actually having an individual experience has really made me want to find out more. The ladies and gent were very helpful - thank you.
Bradgate Ghost Walk'

~Mrs Judy Barber~

'An excellent evening. Lots of activity experienced. As always, the evening was very professionally led by Gill and her team.'

~Jenny Palmer~

'Really enjoyed the true stories & the historical information about Bradgate. It was nice to have the use of the K2 meters - didn't expect that for a ghost walk. Michele obviously loves her history.. and it shows

Bradgate Ghost Walk'

~Alex Buttery~
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